About Us

We are a bunch of fanatics who love to drool over aesthetically satisfying spaces. With a well-recognized and exceptionally well trained team, we offer top notch wedding planning services whilst tailoring a personalized experience for your big day.


With fair knowledge and abundant love for curating we can be the Dream Team for your next frenzy. From wandering the exquisite bazaars sourcing for your D-day to brainstorming ideas and adding loads of quirk here and there, “we do it all”.

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Our Journey

Wedding planning and designing for us has always been all about meeting the aspirations and expectations of the bride and groom. With us, going an extra mile to maintain those aspirations and quality is never a question to be asked, may it be going out for lunch or sharing pins. Our wedding planning formula is “we create, you celebrate”. From customizing your invites and wedding spaces to delivering digital memories, our event planning journey has always been “you-centric”.

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