The Answers You Need

What type of wedding do you do?

Organizing weddings has never been a task to us rather we take it as our own journey. We have been planning small homely weddings and also designing distant destination weddings.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

No we don’t charge for initial consultation, but only after you book us.

Do you charge hourly rate or some percentage rate?

We charge on percentage basis or lump sum according to the event type and client preference.

What size of weddings have you handled in past?

We have been coordinating various events ranging from small occasions of 50 people to big functions of 1000 people and more.

What additional types of events do you service?

We also plan social and corporate events, going from small room conference to large inaugurations.

How many events will you coordinate per day?

Irrespective of events, we only take one client per day, as we do not believe in compromising on quality.

How early do we have to book you?

Many times the couple books us a year early to plan it all smart, but the latest we insist you to book us is 3 months from the event, so that we could undertake the pre-production smoothly.

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