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10 Tips to plan a Beach Wedding

In India wedding ceremony is a much awaited moment for the wedding couples and their families. Everyone wants to make their once in a life time moment unforgettable. For this they arrange and want something extra special to make it a cherishable moment for the lifetime.

Now many wedding planners give a unique concept of beach wedding. in foreign it may be a common thing but in our country its totally a new concept and most of the couple opt for it. It is easily available and economically affordable. this new concept is being given by some reputed wedding planners.

Let’s have a look on some tips for planning a beach wedding party

Wedding budget

Now a day’s price is according to the selection of your days. So first calculate your budget and then finalize the dates to save your cost. that may use in other expenses, so choose date cleverly.

Hiring an experienced coordinator

As weddings involved so much of dealings with vendors, decorators and some small small things that were essential to make it a grand success. for this an experienced coordinator plays a vital role as they know all where aborts and they get the things with discounts to save costs and make the whole arrangements hassle free.

Choosing a scenic location

To make a beach wedding memorable, choosing a perfect location plays an important role and helps all the members associated with this ceremony to have good times. for this he whole family must decide a place to arrange this once in a lifetime party.

Choosing stunning and perfect dresses

While selecting the location for your beach wedding, be wise and choose your dresses accordingly. Most beaches are usually windy. Hence, try to pick a cove or an area sheltered from direct winds for your ceremony. Be on guard for the tides and take prior information regarding the same. Choose your wedding attire accordingly.


 Don’t think about buying expensive wedding décor, like an ice sculpture, that likely won’t last longer. be crafty and create some of your own decorations. You could find and paint an old wooden board, make flowers out of paper, or make your own candles, which adds extra to your decoration

Invite people

After location choice over its time to give personal touch to your invitation cards as it will gather more your relative to make it a success. For this their parents must research on ideas to make personified cards., the more personal your invitations, the more visible it will be for your guests that you’ve put your whole heart and soul into creating your event and make it a memorable one .

Choosing perfect time

According to the climate condition of the area where your events supposed to be, you should plan accordingly. Most often sunset time is the most favorable to make it memorable. If it is not available, then you must consult with your planners to make it a successful one 85 arrange good food for guests

Arrange food

after attending a wedding, be honest aside from remembering how stunning the bride looked, people mostly remember how good the food was! To set guests mood with your food selection, try to incorporate traditional dishes and customs of the geographic region where you’re holding your ceremony. Your guests will love this unique experience!

Hire a photographer

As everyone is busy in some work, there could be less time to capture this good moment. for this You must hire a professional photographer there for the ceremony. besides that, take advantage of technology. Have your friends take photos and upload them to photo sharing websites, like Eve snap.

Ask a friend to DJ

 As it adds to your ceremony and helps you to keep moody all the way throughout the ceremony, be clever You don’t have to spend a lot of money to dance the night away at your ceremony. Create a playlist on a computer or iPod, put out some good speakers, and get your hands on a mixing deck if possible. Offer money to a musically inclined friend to play DJ for the night.

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