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10 ways to rock your inhouse wedding.

For the couples who want to keep their wedding intimate and yet special, in

house weddings is the best option to pick from, your house is the most important

place in the world and rejoicing the big day with your friends and family is the

best possible way to do it.

If you are planning to host an in house wedding, here are some great tips to make it memorable.

1) Space: In house wedding can be backyard wedding, a terrace garden wedding or just the banquet of your house. The first thing to think about before planning the wedding is the space. Make sure there’s enough space to execute your ideas. Start with the vision of your theme, guest list, dinner or lunch buffet and any other elements that you want to insert. Ensure that you have enough space to make the desires and practical aspects meet together.

2) Season: Picking a date for the wedding mainly depends on the season- summers, monsoon, winters or fall. If you want the good summer vibes, make the arrangements to curb the heat and work your theme around vibrant and fresh colors; if the dates are around monsoon season, try having an indoor ceremony or at least plan for a shed or a tent to avoid the rain dance party. Finally, if you decide to get married around December, work out with some royal blues and fairy whimsical white theme to match the chills of the season. Also, don’t forget the heaters.

3) Theme: Always keep in mind the theme that you want to go ahead for the wedding and don’t overdo it. The right tints and hints of the theme in right places can create magic, but too much of any element will steal away the limelight from the entire theme.

4) Personalized Décor: A normal intimate wedding will require a décor theme to work around with, since it is going to be an in house wedding, you can always pick a theme that suits your requirements the best and add the elements of aesthetics and sophistication accordingly. Add the little details like flowers, linens, frames, center pieces, and photographs, souvenir of your love story, transparent curtains, and fairy light to make it look dreamy. It is your house and you should proudly let your guests know about it by personalizing the whole theme.

5) Make it memorable: Since it is going to be an in house wedding, organize a session of toast, family speeches, a session where the bride and groom talks about their journey and their feelings for each other, create a short movie about your life and just add the emotional touch to the entire ceremony,

6) Catering: The food is always the most important part about the wedding, after the wedding itself. Guests can one day forget the décor or the ceremony, but they will never forget the delicious food served in the wedding. Make sure you give a lot of emphasis in deciding the menu, the setting of dinner table, the buffest spread and the caterers. Add some of your favorite dishes to the menu and work out the options around the same theme.

7) Gifts: You can have little personalized return give away gifts for your guests to give them something to remember by as a souvenir for the wedding ceremony.

8) Photo session: if you have the space or even a good background wall for a photo session or a selfie booth where everybody can get their candid pictures clicked and an instant print outs or Polaroid of the pictures to take away from the wedding reception is a great way to make the day memorable.

9) Entertainment: A wedding or a wedding reception is simply incomplete without adding any elements of entertainment. Hire a good DJ or a music band, jot down your own playlist for the wedding, and get a dance floor if possible. Host a bunch of outdoor and indoor games and keep the party engaging, especially for the people not fond of dancing, those guests will have something to look to do. Come up with creative and unique ideas to make your wedding day memorable.

10) Separate the areas: Divide the different areas of your house for the event, a different place for dining, for dancing, for clicking photographs, for seating of the bride and groom; in order to avoid any confusion or hassle during the day of the wedding.

Follow these tips and tricks to absolutely rock your in house wedding and make sure you and your guests have a time of your life in your big day.

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