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5 Tips For Choosing The Wedding Venue

Pick the right location :

First and foremost, the couple should ask themselves where would the location of their wedding be? There are various important things to keep in mind, such as : Where will the guests be coming from and how far will it be for them to reach? Is the location inaccessible or difficult to find? Are accommodations like hotels and resorts nearby to the wedding venue?

Pick the right size :

The entire area of the venue should be just right and spacious enough to fit the number of guests being invited. Before booking the venue, the couple should know the amount of guest they are inviting and plan accordingly. If the venue is too large with a small number of guests, about 50 or so, it would look empty. If the venue is too small for the number of guests invited, no one will be able to enjoy the wedding, accidents are probable, and pushing and shoving would happen too, as a consequence. Having a layout for flow of guests would definitely help. The couple should be open to experimenting with different rooms. They should draw an entire layout from start to finish : Where will the guests enter from, where will they take their refreshments from, extra rooms which need to be used in case of extra guests (this is an important point, there should always be backup)

Pick the right features of the venue :

Different features are offered by different venues – some come with chairs and tables, some have an audio tape recorder, open access to wifi, outdoor seating, parking system, a stage for musical events. The venue should be booked keeping the features in mind and they should match the couple’s needs, wishes and desires. For example, the wedding venue should cater to all seasons : indoor as well as outdoor seating. This feature, for example can guard against unpredictable weather.

Pick the right style :

A wedding venue should match the style of the bride and the general theme of the wedding. The couple should decide what kind of style they desire, and what style suits them. This can be a difficult decision but a little bit of help from other people (wedding consultations, wedding planners), a tiny bit of insight and paying attention to instincts can help. Couples who are unsure of what they want should take inspiration from previous weddings that they have attended. They should use that as their reference point, and proceed planning for their own wedding from there.

Pick the venue with the right vibes :

Last, but not the least, the wedding venue should radiate good vibes and positive feelings in the mind of the couple. This is part of the psychological aspect of weddings. A couple should always go with their gut feeling, with what feels right. This is their big day, and it is from the wedding venue that they would start their journey together as a married couple. They should be the ultimate decision makers, even though there are several people who can advise them. They shouldn’t be influenced by anyone.

Start Hunting the perfect wedding venue.

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