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5 tips to choose your accurate guest list.

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Is it probably that time in your life , where you are suddenly contemplating meeting certain people or blaming your social skills , more than ever? Do you have a limited budget or do you wish to downsize your celebrations and save for a trip offshore? Or are your parents invested in your wedding decisions and insist on inviting everyone they have ever known and even those who you recall meeting only once before?

Well , no matter your situation with the guest lists, we share with you the best five tips to choose the most accurate one, since compromising is never really an option.

1. The Bare necessities- Before you proceed further, make sure you have a fixed ballpark figure on the number of people you wish to invite to your wedding , the budget you can invest on the same , and the most concerning one- the size of the venue ( You certainly do not want your special venue to squeeze in more people than it can hold.)

2. Expectation Setting - Between being prepped up with the essentials and getting the invitations printed, there is this small step which plays a pivoting role - expectation setting. Does your family know the neighbor’s relative isn’t likely to be invited? Or, that the wedding needs to be only within the presence of the nears and dears and who’s who?

3. Categorize - It is an evident matter of fact that you have met over a thousand people up to this point, but alas! You cannot have them all present on your big day. Categorize the potential guests according to your priorities. Maybe you would like your college friends to be there and do not prefer your colleagues. Prioritize!

4. Always be Drafting - Once you are sure about the venue, keep a check on the number of seats and list it down , alongside the headcount of guests you are sure are being invited to the wedding. With everything listed and noted, it is easy to manage and micromanage( which we know is inevitably a reflex.)

5. Always be ready with backups - If you are making a list of guests you want to invite for sure, make sure there is a certain list B which considers the potentials. If you are sure that certain number of people who are invited will not show up on the day, maybe you can move up the potentials. While inviting , always keep a limited room for the tagalongs like plus ones, someone visiting , or children.

Well, if you keep these tips in mind, we are sure you will be absolutely flawless while preparing your desired guess list. Try to avoid the “regret” element as much as possible, this is your special day we are talking about!

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