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5 tips to customize your own wedding décor.

When you hear the word wedding, you think about two people having a new beginning. They take in each other's hand and promise a future together. This day signifies for two families to join together as one.

Some people plan their wedding for years together. It is close and personal.

This day belongs to them and is all about them. Everyone wants their wedding day to be a memorable one and personal too. Every year there are millions of weddings happening in our country. Most people want a unique wedding. A day that the couple could go back and reminisce and be a memorable one for the guests.

Here are the five tips to customize your wedding decor.


A wedding theme is always a hit when designing a personal wedding.

To make the wedding personal it is important for a subject to be reflective for you and your partner. Something that can signify your relationship,

For example: if you and your partner first met at your favorite movie, you can always choose the movie to be your theme.


When planning wedding decorations, it is necessary to always keep a vision in mind. Colors when used right give an X factor to the event. It is helpful to study solid color blends and use them effectively. You should be careful when selecting color combinations for when done wrong it can also be a curse.


You can make your wedding personal by including pictures of you both together and adding the flare of personalized items. To make your wedding day unique, you can order customized decor representing the connection.


When making arrangements for all the above steps, it is essential to have a view in your mind on how to look for a particular task. Aesthetic of Theme, color, and personalized items should be a priority. Guests will remember the aesthetic of the big day.

Make it Interesting:

No one will remember a wedding that is just like any other. Hence it should be a preference to make your wedding day interesting for you and your guests. You can include games, maybe a live band that plays your favorite band. Or that distinct food that you have tested on and tastes wonderful.

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