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If you are one of those who are a little bit irritated by your man's boring response about wedding than stand up and join him in you game as soon as possible :-

1) Decide the venue according to him - generally nowadays boys are not so much interested in destination wedding so make it simple and memorable .

2) Time to throw some tantrums girls - boys are very introvert in expressing their feeling and choices since the love to keep their gf's and wife happy so ,show some tantrums and make them express everything .

3) make a co -ed bachelor party plan - boys are quite interested in bachelor party so when it will be co -ed party it will increase your man's interest towards wedding because for him it will be like a get together.

4) Time to know about his choices and decision - boys are really irritated while going for shopping with girls so send him photos of your choices and let him decide his dress .

5) Understanding well ,ends well - as we all know the main thing between love or marriage is understanding so give  him time to understand about you and let him understand you it will make him desperate for wedding .

So girls are you excited let's try and see your man getting more excited than you for wedding

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