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How to make wedding less stressful?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Wedding is an exceptionally personal event. Some dream about their wedding since their childhood days, some believe in the concept of wedding and marriage only when they find the love of their life. Irrespective of how you now find yourself in those wedding shoes, the tension before the wedding touches every bride and groom to be.

If you too are getting cold feet for whatever reasons, stick to this article, because it has got some tips that would help you to calm those nerves.

Three ways to make your wedding less stressful:

1. Be a team: Step one is definitely being a team from the very beginning. Weddings can be stressful, but if you have a partner then your wedding becomes fun and not a stress. That’s what you should do, plan the wedding together, plan it in a way that suits both your taste and also your pocket. Wedding in itself is a humongous affair, making it way beyond a size manageable would mean adding more unnecessary stress to your plate.

2. Have your own wedding: Woman often plan weddings looking at other weddings. Please take the inspiration and leave out the rest. Your wedding will have your own personal touch as long as you include all that you want. Wedding is a meaningful step, and somewhere or the other it should symbolises the path you and your better have walked so far. In other words, have a wedding that makes you happy and not just those guests.

3. The budget: Budget is perhaps the most important thing in any kind of event. But wedding is something which has various angles that requires a splurge. So you need to segregate what’s important. If you are a foodie perhaps you will make food the most important thing. Or maybe there is a dress that you have always dreamt of wearing. Recognize what matters to you and your groom the most and let that burn a hole in your pocket.

It is essential to comprehend a fact that you cannot control everything. Have your friends around because you need to enjoy your day woman, let them help you in making the day a memorable one. Wedding is important but you also need to live through that so that years later when you look back you still feel how you had felt that day. In other words, plan the best and leave the rest.

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