Tips for picking out dress for your Sangeet

Your wedding month is on its way and instead of taking your beauty sleep and making appointments

with your beautician, you’re scrolling through the internet to find your perfect dress for the function?

It’s time to calm down and read on, as you’ve reached just the right place to find all the necessary tips while buying your Sangeet dress.

The Sangeet is all about firing up the dance floor with your best moves and charm everyone else with your grace. For that, you’ve got to balance between something trendy and comfortable which is traditional too. Following tips will guide you to choose your best type of dress.

 Know your body type: The body type, or body shape, determines which style would look best on

your body, be it traditional or casual. The four main body types are

1. Inverted triangle (apple-shaped) - When your upper body is fuller than your lower body; try

wearing bottoms which are loose or flowy.

2. Triangular (pear-shaped) - When your upper body is slimmer than your lower body; try

wearing sarees to show your curves off.

3. Hourglass- When you have a balanced upper body and lower body ratio with a smaller

waist; literally anything would suit you!

4. Rectangular- When there is not a considerable difference in the size of your breast, waist,

and hips; try different draping styles to make you look curvy.

 Know your complexion: We all love to try different colors for our wedding, but this becomes a

tricky part when the dress doesn’t go with our complexion. Hence, if you’re

1. Fair- go for bright colors like yellow, peach, red, fuschia, etc.

2. Dusky- stay away from silver, and go for any dark color like deep maroon, navy blue, dark

green, wine, etc.

3. Wheatish- comes between these two tones, it liberates you from color filters, and you can

choose any color you want to wear.

 Dress according to your height: Tall or short, we know it is a struggle to find your perfect size of

dress, especially when it is for your wedding function. So if you’re

1. Short- go for high waist lehengas, and elongated prints to make you look taller. Pair them

with high, but comfortable, heels.

2. Tall- you don’t need to worry; wear ankle length lehengas, with comfortable heels to rock

your party.

 Your fabric: the choice of fabric depends upon the weather during your wedding functions. If

you’re getting married in summers, don’t go for velvet or silk. However, these would look pretty

good during winters.

 Tips for you: Remember, it’s your wedding and you have to look your best. That would only

happen when you stick to your style, and don’t copy anyone. It’s better to stay classy and follow

your style, than to experiment on your most important day.

Here we conclude our tip-giving part and congratulate you for your approaching big day. We know that

you’ll rock your day and charm everyone with your beauty and style.

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