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1. Do something nobody thought of coming, and involve them in it. Start

doing a flash mob starting with about 12-15 people in the beginning.

Keep the steps simple so that people will be able to follow and do it. Do

the flash mob in the beginning itself so that it comes to everyone as a

surprise. Start with a romantic track and then move to rocking and

peppy ones.

2. Wear flat shoes to your sangeet so that you can dance without and

hustles and worries of falling or tripping down .Also the floor might look

clean but there could be tiny glass pieces for whatever reason. And

for sure, most women will be in heels and some men too. So if you

really want people to dance give them a pair of shoes which has a good

grip. No there is no need to bring pair of shoes for everyone. Ask

them to bring their pair and keep them at a safe place so they can find

them easily when the dance program starts.

3. If there can be a change of shoes, why not a change of clothes? It is

very difficult to dance in heavy embroidered lehengas and sherwanis so

you can keep a closet containing perfect costumes so that you can

change accordingly. No not everyone is supposed to change only those

who are fit for real dance can. Make it a real dance battle.

4. Bring in some classic culture without decreasing on the fun. Qawaali is

the way to go. Use songs from Bollywood. Qawaali will set the mood for

some serious dancing and also singing. It will give a class to the sangeet


5. You can also learn some dance steps from YouTube video from renowned

dancers page like TEAM NAACH or some other which make you learn

dance steps without even paying and at your home instead.

6. There has to be awards. Make them like best dancers, hottest couple,

cutest grandma/grandpa etc.

7. You can definitely rock your dance moves on songs like cutiepie, ankh

mare, girls like to swing etc.

8. You should definitely go for some retro songs or old 90's songs to make

you sangeet moves more classical and fun and not forgetting the culture

of our society.

9. Don't always dance alone. Prepare your dances with different people

selecting the song based on your relation. Like with sisters or parents

or brothers.

10. You can also make a mix of songs or do a medley dance which will

involve each and every person of your family not leaving behind anyone.

Why only you sangeet moves get a chance to rock but also make your

family members groove and rock the sangeet ceremony.

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