Why Us?

Planning. Designing. Curating. You name it. We’ve had our hands on all of it. With a collective professional experience of over 50 weddings and a mania for all things flawless and drop-dead gorgeous, we prioritize quality and ideas above everything. We love to blend in the traditional concepts and at the time jazzing them with some quirky ideas. Monotony and repetition are the only things that bore us whilst a dynamic design paradigm excites us to the core.


Arjun - Rohini

"The team was very hardworking, especially when they were designing the wedding, and on field as well. Honestly all we needed was a coordinator but with the dedicated team we felt like family. From the first phone call till the event, hospitality was increased more and more.

- Surely the best wedding planners in Ahmedabad.

Palav - Swati

"Just one thing to say, it felt like we were the guest at our wedding. Leaving all upon you was one finest decisions, thanks to the whole team to make our day come true."

Ruchit - Avni

"Not only from our side, but guest appreciation mattered a lot. Starting from the pre wedding events tills the honeymoon bookings, they made is all easy and best."

Aayush - Bindu

"We liked how the whole wedding was all unique and designed for us. Well it was all awkward when you called us asking out for dinner, because we hardly see people getting this personal, but then designing the whole menu according to our cuisine choice was whole of a surprise to us. A big thanks to the team."

Virat - Nandini

"It was an early morning mandap at my home, and the area was all shining bright before I woke up. The team is very punctual I can say, with a good knowledge in guest handling also. (Virat)"

Nilav - Vedika

"Nilav – I know them personally, still I know how systematic and professionally they worked on field. Majorly I on my haldi/holi party where the décor was all customised and designed by the team and vedika. I liked how they boarded the entrance with my dance class name and all my favourite songs were played, showing my dance meet with vedika in the form of mannequins and posters, it got a personal fell all the way.
Highly recommend for any wedding."

Prachi - Tanmay

"We think you are one call away on each event, the last moment changes has also been addressed, I appreciate the team for delivering what we actually wanted."